Salmon, Chakra's & Sensations

Have you ever been out fishing and got that feeling that something was about to happen? It’s something that is quite hard to explain but on a few occasions each year I get this overwhelming feeling that the next few casts are going to produce a result and just like you predicted, it happens.

I am not even going to try and make sense of it for you or any reason why its happening but there are some great stories when the overwhelming feeling, third eye, sent of enlightenment, salmon sense tingling has came into play. I can remember a particular day fishing, good water, fish around and wondering why on earth I hadn’t had a take yet. I had a red flamethrower fly on the point, it had four strands of krinkle flash in the wing, I can clearly remember now looking at the fly in the water and thinking it was far too easy to see and the flash stuck out like a sore thumb. I lifted the line out of the water, cut off three stands of flash, gave it a swim at my feet and agreed with myself that it looked far better. Confidence at 100% I just had this feeling that it was right, two casts in and a good grilse landed, next pool down and I had another. Had a pod of fish just came in? Was the fly just right? Could the salmon feel your confidence? Is there such thing as salmon fishing energy?

There have been too many occasions things like this has happened to me. There have been many days fishing when things haven’t went to plan, you are heading back to pack up for the day, then, there’s a sudden urge to give that pool your about to walk past a cast, it has rescued so may blank days for me. If your fly isn’t in the water you won’t catch a fish but again, you just seem to get drawn to fishing a certain spot at times, there’s no theory or reasoning behind it, just some strange notion that you need to make another cast. Again there’s times I have been walking past a small gap in a bush, something gives you notion that it is worth a cast and you invariably hook up with a fish, then you can worry about how to land it in such an awkward spot.

I have learnt so many lessons from the aul fella, I truly feel like I was given a massive head start by being handed his knowledge, but I have stood there beside him on the riverbank for him to more or less call the moment of the take, down to the second. I used to always wind him up when he would talk about this tingle you get before its about to happen, just a sense. It was my first year with him properly sea trout fishing that he really showed what he had been talking about all those years. It was about 12:30am, I had already lost several casts of flies, used up all my midge repellent and had my arms scratched raw from trying to keep the donegal midges at bay, I was in the “I want to go back to the car mode” when he called me over, “come here to you see this, were gonna get one here” cast goes put in one motion (no false casting allowed) I could just make out the two little rings the flies made when they landed. Next thing that broke the silence was “watch this” a few turns fo the fly reel handle and a big boil on the surface followed by a solid lift into the fish, playing a grilse fresh off the tide in the pitch black is always exciting. I netted the fish for him, quickly dispatched (as was the norm) and back to the car we went. The journey back to the house after a sea trout session was always an analysis and plan for the next night. He just said that the knew he was going to catch a fish there, sometimes the reeling in makes the difference, but he just had the feeling.

Theres something about salmon fishing, I can’t make sense of it at all, but when you know, you know. I couldn’t quite explain when or why certain feeling take over but it happens to often to ignore it. One of my best days fishing recently could have very well also ended up as a complete waste of time, I had fished hard all morning, doing everything as efficiently as possible, covering the pools effectively and in different manors. Myself and Harry had more or less decided it wasn’t to be and had pre planned to meet up earlier than agreed and head home. But, something clicked, some strange notion took place and I got drawn to the far parameters of thereat, the furthest pool away from the car. What followed was quite possible the best spring salmon fishing I will ever encounter, it just went right. Again whilst I was in this happy place I can vividly remember making a cast, you know those casts where everything just goes right, a perfect anchor, a perfect stop, it just felt like I was on a higher level for a moment as the leader brushed past a low hanging branch and I saw that distinctive ring of the fly on the surface, this was it, this cast was going to take a fish and within three figure of eight retrieves everything locked up as I lifted into my best Irish salmon. Everything went right that day, the fish were there and conditions perfect but if that notion or pull from the salmon hadn’t of been strong enough to make we walk down to bottom of the beat this story would have never been written.

Low water conditions, single fly, long leader, sinking line.

Low water conditions, single fly, long leader, sinking line.

This sensation is even making appearances in my tackle and I am not sure if It is just the angler feeling more confident, the magnetic forces of the earth drawing in the salmon or just pure coincidence but as always I will mention a leader story ( surely every blog mentions the leader ). Irish fishermen in particular love to fish two flies for salmon, hey, I have even seen three flies on my cast if there’s a good run of sea trout around, but two flies Is a common occurrence on the Irish river banks, its funny when you try explain it to other international anglers, the Irish just seem a bit mad compared to the rest of the world. But lately, this last three seasons and last season I particular I have been getting this urge to fish one fly. I cant explain why, I couldn’t even write down what conditions dictate me fishing one to two flies but the notion is there somewhere in the back of my mind. Last season, during the drought the single fly out fished the dropper, I believe that was a stealth factor, but then again on other occasions I have dropper being the only fly top draw the fish, despite moving the fly position around. I don’t have the answers yet, I keep asking the salmon why but they won’t tell me when they prefer the dropper over the single fly.

Well that’s just a small insight into the crazy things that roll around in my brain when I am fishing, or thinking about fishing, or pretty much every hour.

Have you any stories, have you ever felt the salmon fishing tingle? the notion that something was about to happen?