Einstein and Salmon fishing.

So the first day of Salmon fishing is over and yes in Ireland, 2019 is apparently the year of the Salmon. Im already looking at getting more fishing done this year, I really can not wait to get back on the water and do it for real, there’s only so much wool casting you can do during the winter, its just not the same without that tug on the other end.

So how do you really make 2019 your year of the Salmon? How do you improve your odds when all the odds seem stacked against you. I used to get really hung up on the conditions, numbers of anglers fishing the water etc, while its nice to have everything perfect. the right water height, clarity, tides, over head conditions, the cows standing up, the reality is, its hard to hit it ‘right’ consistently, especially if you have to travel to get to your fishing. I think it’s better to change your mindset, just go fishing regardless of the conditions, go because you want to, because its your passion and get it into your mind that regardless of the conditions, there is always something you can do to hook a Salmon.

doing the same thing, expecting different results
— Albert Einstein

So what does Einstein have to do with Salmon fishing? Its his definition of Insanity, I think it parallels perfectly with Salmon fishing:

Everyone is guilty of this, doing what we find is easy, remaining in our comfort zone, or doing the same thing over and over again expecting it to work all of the time, you know what I mean, the same line, same leader and the usual suspects. Today saw the first flies getting cast in the pools this season, I bet you could make a pretty good guess as to what patterns were being used, what lines were getting cast, what pools got fished the most. Its always the same old thing and yet we expect it to always work. A few weeks into the season and the salmon will be able to tie the flies themselves they see the same thing cast across them, fished at the same level, at the same speeds and from the same angle.

A different angle of presentation saves a blank, despite fishing the same lie multiple times from the easy side.

A different angle of presentation saves a blank, despite fishing the same lie multiple times from the easy side.

Break the mould! Don’t worry about being embarrassed, think for yourself and do things differently. Every Salmon angler must experiment if you want to make the most of your days fishing, if you really want to up your chances. Instead of following the norm and fishing the pool from the same side as everyone else, cross over, show them a different fly from a different angle. Look at the flies everyone else is fishing and try something completely different. Remember the salmon haven’t told us they only want a size 8 at a certain time of year, they didn’t write in to the magazines and say they only want their flies fished off an intermediate polyleader in the summer. Pay attention and watch what others are doing, be a sponge, absorb as much information as possible and then put your twist on it.

So make a New Years resolution, don’t just do the same thing as you did the last season, a river is never the same, conditions change a require new tactics all the time. Step out of your comfort zone and experiment.

Oh and one final New Years resolution should be no more snap Ts, Cs or whatever other variation you want to call it, stop those and you WILL improve you chances instantly!

Happy new year, I hope its a good one for you!

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