Do you want to transform your fly rod?

I don’t always fish with high end rods, I am very happy with budget reels, certainly for the fishing we have here in the UK and Ireland. One item of tackle I never scrimp on is the line system, its the key, making your fishing as efficient as possible. I seem to be using that word efficient a lot lately, in the blogs, videos and the online course. I never want to waste my time when I fish, I never want to exert more effort than required and by using a balanced line system this is possible.

It really boggles my mind when people spend hundreds, sometimes even breaking that £1000 barrier to buy the fishing rod of their dreams just to throw any old line on it. The attitude of it will do rightly drives me insane. Then when the rod dosnt’t perform the same way as the adverts exclaimed it would, they blame that part of their setup. Now you have heard me bang on about the leader in previous blogs as well, that is essential to get right, but the next factor you must have is the right line and yes, some lines are better than others.

This should be called the Oracle Switch instead!

This should be called the Oracle Switch instead!

I have spent quite a lot of time these last few weeks trialing lines on rods for this website, its amazing when you put a good line system through the rings, join together the components the way they were intended and you can literally transform a fly rod. Shakespeare, the entry level for a lot of anglers and a good starting point. Do you want to know my opinion of Shakespeare? They are unbeatable in that price bracket, nothing comes close, I would happily fish with them and do! But when I choose to use a £70 fly rod I do not scrimp on the lines, as a lot of you who know me, I am extremely confident and passionate about the Salmologic products, put those lines on to these Shakespeare rods and you have an extremely ‘efficient’ fishing tool. The switch rods are simply superb with the short cut heads, the Shakespeare lines are ok, but I honestly wouldn’t entertain using them during a days fishing.

‘Switch’ rods & Short cuts, efficient!

‘Switch’ rods & Short cuts, efficient!

You can then jump up to the next price point and you find brands like Greys, again I think you would struggle to find anyone beating them in terms of value for money. Again I use the product, especially for my trout fishing, this year they unveiled a new range of switch rods, superb at their price point, it would be unfair to compare them to rods costing twice the price. But, you get a lot of rod for your money, however, as expressed in one of my previous blogs there are no line suggestions for these new switch rods. They don’t make a product to go with it and I fear a lot of customers may spend a large amount of money trying to find the right line or they simply adopt that attitude ‘it will do rightly’, I think I actually shook my head as I wrote that. But to give some hope again, invest in the line system and these rods are excellent, they are great little fishing tools when paired up with the right line.

Finally enter into the premium end of the market, for example I will even mention Salmologic, now we know they provide an out of the wrapper solution, matching the line system to the rod. Heres the thing, follow the advice and this system is in my opinion unbeatable for real fishing, however if you go all out on that expensive rod and buy a dud line or follow an uneducated opinion of some online thread then you will always struggle regardless of how much money you put into the rod, the line system is the key. You might notice I say line system, this covers everything, the leaders, the heads and the running line. Each component plays a part.

So here’s the sign off, my own opinion. If your on a budget, invest in the line system, if that means putting a hold on the the rod of your dreams then I think you should hold off, there are some truly remarkable rods in the lower end of the price spectrum that when matched with the right lines become great fishing tools.

Enjoy the holidays and good luck to anyone venturing out on the 1st.