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AM angling - Upgrade

Our upgrade service allows you to turn your old tackle into the new tackle you want. Check out the latest items through the upgrade program below and click here to find out more about it!




For me this is the best line system available today! Lines that are balanced from the running line right through to the leader. The short cut heads have been a revelation for anyone fishing small & medium size rivers. Every rod has a purpose and excels in its role!




I have followed the Driology journey since the very first posts appeared on forums, as pictures started appearing on social media during the testing phase I knew this was a brand to watch closely. My own personal use has been impressive, the insulating pieces are exceptional and the Lotic wading jacket repels any amount of water thrown at it. I look forward to wearing it and excited to be able to offer the products. Watch this space!




For four years I have used the Overboard packs. Simply put, these are the best value waterproof packs on the market at present! The waist packs are with me every time I have a fishing rod, the waterproof backpacks keep the elements out and all the gear you might need for a fishing adventure.